About Code Trophic

Located in Miami, FL, CodeTrophic Hair Growth Oil LLC is a product-based business offering premium quality hair care solutions for strong and thick hair. The founder’s goal behind the creation is to provide a hair care solution to those struggling with hair loss while helping them achieve beautiful, healthier, and thicker hair.

Alisha P Belton

The idea of establishing a product-based brand came into existence before the start of the global pandemic. This was an idea that I thought about a long time ago but pushed the thought away. The hardest part of my journey was finding the right ingredients and testing each new ingredient on my hair. He experienced several ups and downs throughout the process but didn’t give up.

After immense effort and experiments, I finally achieved optimal results and decided to share them during the pandemic. I realize the sufferings of individuals from alopecia and postpartum hair loss and thinning, which has worsened for them due to the stress of the pandemic. Thus, I realized the dire need for hair growth oil that improves circulation and revives hair follicles. CodeTrophic Hair Growth Oil offers the treatment for baldness and damaged and thinning edges to achieve the hair growth they’ve always desired. 


Effectiveness & Ease

 CodeTrophic Hair Growth Oil is designed for everyone who wants to end hair loss and flaunt their strong, healthy, long hair. We created a simple,   contemporary solution focused on making our product easily accessible and reasonable for people to take action and restore the beauty of their  natural hair. No hoops to jump through. No skeevy after and before shots.

The Right Product For You

Whether it’s gummy vitamins or laser helmets, there are many treatments and products on the market that do not work and play into females' worst insecurities. Our oil is proven to work effectively and revives your hair follicles to offer the growth your hair desires.

High-Quality & Low-Cost

You should not have to go broke to avoid the fear of going bald. CodeTrophic Hair Growth Oil LLC provides the highest quality products while offering hair growth oil at half the amount you would pay at any local pharmacy.